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Barre fitness is on the rise, and for good reason. It combines the elements of ballet and dance, with the principles and safety of Pilates, lengthening your body without building bulk. Choreographed by studio owner Stacie, barre involves small isometric movements that sculpt every muscle group. 

Stacie's classes are designed for all ages and fitness levels. Classes will be designed and catered to your limitations and goals. There are no other barre fitness trainers in Palm Beach County who offer on location sessions!

Barre workout helps in increasing your flexibility and improving your core strength. You’ll be using your core throughout the session, resulting in better posture and overall stamina. The stretching elements also improve range of motion and help you achieve that overall lengthened effect.

Stacie is the absolute best at what she does! Her classes are the most challenging but still my favorite! You will be amazed how your body changes week by week. To me, this is the only workout that actually changes the shape of your body. I have tried all different workouts throughout my life and this is by far the best results, not only body but your mind!!! Stacie will keep you motivated, focused, and coming back for more! Your life will stay balanced in the toughest of times. Thank you!
- Gina 

Stacie is very positive, energetic, and motivating! During her classes she pushes you to your limits. Furthermore, as a trained dancer she has beautiful technique and corrects students if their form is off, I appreciate that so much! She also has so much enthusiasm for helping students achieve their goals.”
- Gabrielle 

The barre routine with Stacie has changed my body dramatically! It's great to do for all types of bodies and levels. I’ve been practicing for 2 years and still kicks my butt every time! Plus it's fun!!
- Cathleen

Stacie really knows how to kick your butt into shape and still make it fun! You leave her class feeling strong and sweaty!”

What a workout!! Stacie is amazing at what she does, her passion radiates through each part of her class. From beginner to experienced she knows exactly how to push you to the limit and make you feel 100% comfortable at the same time!
- Staci

My body is already changing from just a few classes! I woke up this morning and first of all, I have abs. Second of all, I feel amazing!! It is definitely a challenging workout.
- Mekenzie

After your first class, your body will know that something good is going to happen to it if you keep up the work. In only two weeks my balance has improved significantly and I have more energy. I know I will be seeing the difference in my body within a short period of time. The time flies by with a total body workout completed! You owe it to yourself to give it a try, even if you have tried other types of workouts.
- Nedda

I have been doing barre with Stacie now for about three months and already I am starting to see and feel a difference in my body! I feel more toned more energetic! And needless to say the classes are fun. Love it!!!
- Alicia

Stacie is an amazing instructor. She really pays attention to form and does progression exercises making it challenging for the beginner or advanced client. She has very creative sequences and is compassionate and caring! Love her!"

"I have been a fitness professional, health expert, sports nutritionist, weight loss and lifestyle management expert for over three decades. I've taught almost every form of exercise.  I'm a second generation Pilates instructor, having been taught directly by Mary Pilates, niece of Joseph Pilates, the inventor of the method which bears his name.  I have very high standards and find it difficult to take class from other instructors.  Stacie is the exception to the rule.  She has an intense passion for teaching barre and an unequaled brand of inspiration, and the ability for touching hearts and enriching lives to help clients reach their optimum results.  Her energy level during class is tops due to her excellent hands on corrections and cueing.  She really cares that each person reaches their optimal peak of excellence and best body.  Stacie is a genuine role model living a life a spiritual fulfillment and wellness and is one of the foremost authorities on barre exercises.  Her experience, love for her profession, and history with ballet are the reasons I recommend her to everyone.  My butt never looked better, and she really kicks butt!"


Private Session

  • One Session (45 Minutes): $79
  • One Session (60 Minutes): $99
  • Three Privates Pack (45 Minutes): $199
  • Three Privates Pack (60 Minutes): $259

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Stacie is a certified Pilates and barre instructor. Stacie has an extensive dance background, and studied all forms while growing up.   After having her first child, she was driven to find an enjoyable fitness regime that incorporated her passion for dance and produced quick results. Once she was introduced to barre, she wanted to be able to share it with her community.

After getting her Pilates and barre certification, she opened a barre fitness studio in Delray Beach, FL called bFIT. Stacie has since trained clients of all ages and fitness levels including other instructors. She has developed her own barre programs and trains other instructors.

​Stacie is passionate about helping you reach your fitness goals and lead an overall healthier lifestyle. She is also knowledgeable about nutrition and holistic approaches to health. Whether a beginner or long-time barre goer, your workout will be designed to challenge (and change) you to be your best you!

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​​Join Stacie’s energizing workout sessions for a healthier you! She offers customized private, semi-private, and small group barre workouts wherever you prefer. Whether in the studio or the privacy of your own home, clubhouse, office, or hotel, Stacie brings everything you need for your barre workout. Fitness grippy socks are required, and can be purchased through Stacie.

All private and semi-private sessions include a consultation. To design the perfect workout, she will discuss your fitness goals, strengths and weaknesses, as well as any injuries or limitations.

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Small Group (5-10 People; 60 Minutes) 

  • One Session: $29 Each
  • Three Sessions: $79 Each
  • Five Sessions: $129 Each

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Phone: 561-699-0026


Service Area: Palm Beach County

​Stacie's choreography is varied so that you'll never do the same workout twice. The upbeat music and motivation that Stacie provides will keep you on your toes (literally)!

Semi-Private Sessions (2-4 People)

  • One Session (45 Minutes): $49
  • One Session (60 Minutes): $69
  • Three Privates Pack (45 Minutes): $129
  • Three Privates Pack (60 Minutes): $179